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Melt stress. Tame burnout.

About us

Waterbear Planet designs and delivers experiences and environments to promote wellbeing, self-care and connection with nature.


We make it easier to pursue a more rested, relaxed and inspired life.

Wellbeing is creative, self-care is planetary

To truly take care of ourselves also means that we include the planet and each other. We leave no stone unturned and believe that pursuing wellbeing is a highly creative act, while a process and a commitment:


  • We help organizations nourish and sustain supportive work cultures and bridge the gaps between personal, family and business priorities.

  • We create spaces to be by curating and producing physical wellbeing, meditation, and sensory rooms to help people rest, relax, and recharge within day-to-day life.

Our story

Although little more than a twinkle in our eye back in 2014, we planted the first seeds for what Waterbear Planet would become. Since then, we've examined the nooks and crannies of stress, burnout and the power of the natural world to heal. We've discovered new ways to promote relaxation by reconnecting people with nature, even in cities.

Our individual and team clients span the globe from Amsterdam to London, New York to Los Angeles. We've worked with people in their homes, at their offices and on the go.

Our team

Our founder and CEO, Sharon Unis, can be found poking about in city and state parks, along river banks and with family and friends. She is always listening and observing, gleaning insights and inspirations for all she contributes to Waterbear Planet.


Sharon draws on her training in earth sciences, ecology, business & the arts to inform her work here, while bringing over 18 years experience in wellness facilitation and experience design. She's also engaged a broad range of projects around transformative, play-based environments and developed new ways to promote workday and stress recovery. Finally, she also facilitates our oasis online ℠ classes and will be your trusty guide.

We've also gathered a wonderful network of partners and vendors to extend and support our work with companies and non-profits alike. Together, we help individuals and teams fortify their work in the world, while also taking care of themselves every step of the way.  

It's time to make personal and planetary prosperity our legacy.

Let's work together!