Tropical Leaves
Tropical Leaves

We bring stress relief & inspiration

down to Earth, one human at a time.

Our mission is simple.

Make personal and planetary prosperity your legacy.

Why now & how to begin?

1.  Wellbeing is often easily overlooked and pushed to the side in the name of progress, bottom lines, and getting things done. But at what cost?

2.  Most of us have been operating on overdrive, exhaustion, and emotional strain for quite some time. Stress can strengthen us, but when we're under too much, long-term strain it impacts our ability to think clearly, generate appropriate solutions, make supportive changes that improve things.

3.  The root causes of our stress present in ways that are unique to each of us. Their influence on our personal and work lives, relationships and physical bodies can be heartbreaking.

4.  And yet, we still have big problems to solve! We all need to step up our game, for ourselves, our fellow humans, and our planet. Together, we can build a shared culture of wellbeing based in respect, love and caring.

5.  We start with each of us exploring this in the smallest ways, beginning with our inner world of thoughts, feelings and motivations. Nature helps! 


6.  We have choice. Little, gentle, nourishing choices set our direction in actionable, yet adjustable ways. Little steps make many, many miles.

What we offer

Waterbear Planet is a creative studio specializing in the design and delivery of experiences promoting wellbeing, self-care and connection to nature. We make it easier to pursue a more rested, relaxed + happy life.

If you're here, it's likely that prioritizing your-heart-sings-for-joy-reality is probably way more appealing than staying in overwhelm-and-stress-drives-life. You know that getting your life, family and business operations in sync with your values and mother nature is your ultimate endgame (and your personal super power when it comes to releasing stress).


We help make this process enjoyable and actionable for you. Explore what we're currently offering here. We work with individuals and organizations.


Our ethos

Wellbeing is personally specific and collectively shared. We leave no stone unturned in what drives the experience of wellbeing.


This is why we work holistically with individuals, teams and companies to boost creativity, performance, and overall success, while reducing stress levels and their causes. We support an atmosphere of positivity that makes self-care more fun, because everything can be transformed playfully.

Finally, by including educational elements around wellness, nature & environmental justice, we help make ESG priorities even more tangibly relevant, emotionally meaningful + engaging. We also teach students and young people about nurturing their unique connection with nature while building self-care practices and skills to serve them in life.


Our story

Although little more than a twinkle in our eye back in 2014, we planted the first seeds for what Waterbear Planet would become. Since then, we've examined the nooks and crannies of stress, burnout & the power of the natural world to heal. We've discovered new ways to promote relaxation by reconnecting people with nature, even in cities.

Our individual and team clients span the globe from Amsterdam to London, New York to Los Angeles. We've worked with people in their homes, at their offices and while on the go.


Our team

Our lovely founder and CEO, Sharon Unis, can be found poking about in city and state parks, along river banks and with family and friends. She is always listening and observing, gleaning insights and inspirations for all she contributes to Waterbear Planet.


Sharon draws on her training in earth sciences, ecology, business & the arts to inform her work here, while bringing over 18 years experience in wellness facilitation and experience design. She's also engaged a broad range of projects around transformative, play-based environments and developed new ways to promote workday and stress recovery. Finally, she also facilitates our oasis online ℠ classes and will be your trusty guide.

Our comprehensive consulting team extends our ability to support your evolving company wellbeing culture with expertise in operations, finance, human resources, team building and more.

Say hi!

Don't be shy, reach out to us anytime in the chat box or by email. Join one of our public classes to get a taste of good things to come — for you personally, your broader life, business and the planet.


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