4 public oasis online ℠ classes every month.

AUG. & SEPT. 2020

We can help you navigate these uncertain, stressful times.

Read our important update about taking care of yourself during class.

Let our live mixed, surround sound nature vibes melt your stress...

Enjoy all 4 classes for $57.

Learn about membership here.

Virtual Trail Walk

Friday, 8/14 @ 12 - 12:40 pm (EDT)

Get moving with our immersive, nature sound walk. Enjoy a more dynamic soundscape, live mixed like always, as we travel through this virtual, sonic space.

$12 pp, free for members.

Sound Bath + Relaxation Class

Thursday, 8/20 @ 3 - 4 pm (EDT)

Revitalize during our signature, oasis online class. Take this time to relax and focus on your self-care in any way you like. You're worth it! Includes a 1:1 follow-up coaching call to help you build more ease + relaxation into your daily life.

$45 pp, free for members (coaching not included).

Silent Meditation

Monday, 8/24 @ 8 - 8:40 am (EDT)

Dive into nature's silence (and your own). Together we'll start our week with our best feet forward with focus, clarity and primed for action. Enjoy as we live mix our signature nature sounds to ease you into a silent meditation and bring you back again.

$12 pp, free for members.

Sleep Club

Wednesday, 9/2 @ 9 - 9:40 pm (EDT)

Unwind before bedtime for better sleep. Focus on your improving your sleep routine. Includes a follow-up sleep survey to help you notice what you accomplished. Save 25% on your next sleep club class when you complete it!

$12 pp, free for members.

Enjoy all 4 classes for $57.

Learn about membership here.

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