Wellbeing <> Work

Drive employee and team happiness.

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Make space for wellbeing.

Working hard, coping with life and planetary stressors, and all our day-to-day responsibilities is more than any of us can handle alone. 

Our oasis online ℠ team programs offer support and structure to help employees take quality time for self-care, release stress and feel better. 

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Teams that decompress together...

Take time to rest, reset and recharge as a team, or as a group of friends, colleagues and clients. 


Field trips are online mini-retreats to help teams think clearer, feel calmer and enjoy more ease while growing business and driving innovation.

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Your culture is key to business success.

Through our oasis online team programs, and supplemented by our network of skilled workplace experts and trainers, we will help you to design and maintain a company culture that is beneficial to your employees, their families, your stakeholders, and our planet — all while realizing your company's goals.

About oasis online.

Normalize self-care, wellbeing + rest during the work week. Don't delay workday recovery.

Our oasis online ℠ employee membership plans offer unlimited class access plus 24/7 support through our member library.

It is fully turnkey, and can be enjoyed both individually and together as a team or group.

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