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Waterbear Planet helps solve the problem of low morale, stress & burnout. 

We work comprehensively to build cultures of wellbeing, for the individual & team. 

These are extremely unstable, uncertain times. We know that companies like yours are working around the clock to meet the challenges while making the most nimble moves possible, as you innovate, pivot and redefine what your business is about and how it can be a positive contributor within this rapidly changing world. We can only go forward, and problem solving together works. Waterbear Planet can help.

Don't less stress accumulate where it doesn't belong. While you're at it, refuel your team.

Our oasis online ℠ programs help your team to decompress, often in as little as 20 minutes. Taking time and space for quality personal time is essential to effective work and solving pressing business problems. Your employees will more easily prioritize their wellbeing, so they can work at their best even when it's difficult.

We make it easy to help your employees recover precious mental and emotional energy.

  • Immediate stress relief:  most participants report at least a 1 to 2 point improvement in their mood and feeling 3 to 4 points more calm, relaxed & focused.

  • Improved perspective + mindset: a more peaceful, happy & positive outlook through a restoration of mental & emotional energies while taking a break from everything

  • Improved focus + productivity: with the ability to get more done, more effectively, including choosing priorities that make the most sense, task planning, and working more intently with less distraction

  • Fresh insights about stress management + burnout: strengthened capacity and structure to address stress incrementally through small, self-affirming choices and encouragement to pursue self-care

  • Mindful presence + emotional intelligence: increased self-awareness, learning about one's current state of being, while boosting understanding and acceptance about one's feelings and stress drivers

  • Improved teamwork + professional relationships:  by relaxing & taking time to slow down, it's easier to shift out of fight-or-flight to allow for more spaciousness, empathy, clarity & receptivity

  • Improved creativity: through effective meditative experiences, the brain opens to a more playful, curious state to consider new ideas, inspirations, things to wonder about & to be excited by

  • A true break + escape: being able to fully disconnect from work and recharge; enjoying the experience of "getting away" and going somewhere else during each immersive nature experience

In just minutes, your team can experience:

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How does taking care of your employees impact your bottom line?

  • Employees who thrive are better for business because they are more productive and drive higher profitability.
  • According to Gallup, employees who are engaged at work but not thriving in their personal lives are 61% more likely to experience burnout, 48% more likely to experience stress and 66% more likely to experience worry throughout their days, with double the rate of sadness and anger of those employees who are thriving in life.
  • Additionally, the business teams that are most actively engaged perform better than those that are the least engaged, and can generate 20% more in sales, are 21% more profitable, with 41% lower absenteeism, up to 59% lower turnover, 17% higher productivity, and 10% higher customer ratings ( It's the Manager from Gallup).
  • In these intense times, by taking care of your employees, encouraging stress reduction, and taking steps to improve team engagement within the workplace, you can avoid the costs to your company that include burnout (loss of productivity), turnover (the cost to replace an employee being up to 33% of their annual salary), and losing sales (jeopardizing valued customer relationships).

How can Waterbear Planet help build my company's wellbeing culture?

Once you decide to take your workplace wellbeing culture to the next level, we provide the structure and ongoing support at all levels of your organization to implement this successfully. Our PLANET methodology & framework offers a comprehensive system for exploring and integrating various aspects of wellbeing holistically. Rather than siloing random one-off experiences that feel good in the moment, we'll help you grow living, breathing healthy initiatives to transform your organization. Here's how:

  • oasis online ℠ Classes & Team Building Workshops | Every Waterbear Planet experience offers immediate stress relief and self-care support for you and your employees, alongside team building workshops to explore topics that are most relevant to your organization and individual employees based on our PLANET framework:
P - Play, purpose & participation.
L - Leadership for building & sustaining cultures of wellbeing.
A - Authenticity as a creative & emotional superpower.
N - Nature connectivity to transform personal, professional & planetary wellbeing (ESG).
E - Energy for enhanced work performance, flow state & fun.
T - Teams rooted in love, integrity & care.
  • Executive Coaching & Consultations | When it comes to prioritizing stress reduction, resiliency and self-care to avoid negative workplace experiences, your executive leadership must decide to provide ample resources, encouragement and behavior modeling. We'll partner with you to decifer key elements to address as they pertain to the employee wellbeing experience. We use real-time information gathered anonymously through class reflections and other surveys designed specifically for your organization.
  • Connecting Wellbeing to ESG | Boost your current ESG initiatives by linking them to team wellbeing, driving participation and purpose both ways. We'll work with you to integrate these seamlessly. If you're looking to do something new, we'll help you to develop that as well.
To learn how Waterbear Planet can help your company or team, request your free proposal.

Why prioritize wellbeing, when things are so uncertain?

  • Therefore, prioritzing (and investing in) your wellbeing culture, is absolutely essential to navigating these changes as an organization, so your employees are able to show up to work as their best selves. Just speaking to the importance of wellbeing, but not putting concrete initiatives in place to support this, will feel empty to your team. Therefore, it is key that your wellbeing initiatives be both led and promoted from the executive suite, in tandem with individual, employee participation.​​​

Why oasis online ℠ for the workforce?

When investing in workplace wellbeing, you commit to each of your employees individually. In addition to healthy workflow & team management, which greatly impact the day-to-day employee experience, you can help your people better prioritize their personal wellbeing and self-care in effective and supportive ways. What are some of the results? Your employees will experience less burnout, better productivity, healthier professional relationships, build a stronger business for you, and also feel more enthusiasm about staying with your organization. oasis online ℠ is a turnkey program that can help put this intention into action by offering:

  • Immediate relief from stress and the effects of burnout. Each live, facilitated class provides the structure and support most people need to actually receive the benefits of mindfulness, quality personal time, and recovery during a busy workweek. Moreover, there's no need to be an expert (in meditation, for example). By simply easing into the immersive nature experience in any way the participant chooses (see below), the class does the heavy lifting for them so they enjoy deeper calm, peace of mind and relaxation. It doesn't have to take long, even micro-breaks of 7 minutes make a difference!
  • Personal choice in how they use their class time (to rest, journal, meditate, stretch, work on a creative project). Research suggests that individual choice and agency is a key component to experiencing work recovery. Learn more from our friends at Workr Beeing about work recovery here.​​​​
  • The opportunity to enjoy a more positive mindset, an improved perspective around incremental ways to boost personal self-care everyday, and a greater clarity around solutions which make the workplace experience one in which both employees and the business thrive, because wellbeing breeds more wellbeing.
Finally, we created our oasis online company programs with your long-term gains in mind. Much like exercise, the benefits build with time and require consistency and a structure that is flexible while also steady. Our annual company membership programs offer the trifecta of employee, manager, and executive ongoing support through unlimited live and asynchronous classes, alongside group, PLANET team building sessions and consultations (as referenced above). We have your back, so you can sit back & relax. Enjoy the ride to reap the rewards of better business success.

What if both personal + planetary wellbeing drive your company culture?

Let's tailor a plan to your organization's immediate + long-term priorities.


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