FAQ's about oasis online —

oasis online ℠ offers the experience of a quick getaway within daily life: time and space to curb burnout, release stress, reconnect with nature.

We offer public classes, member-only classes, and private bookings. Treat yourself to Waterbear Planet's delightful immersion of live, DJ’ed nature soundscapes + signature good vibes. Delivered by zoom.us high quality audio conferencing to your home, office or beyond, this juicy mix will draw you inwards, extracting you from your daily grind.

It's totally up to you how you use your time.

Rest. Meditate. Journal. Draw. Do yoga. Explore a creative project. Whatever you choose, there's a good chance you'll emerge feeling more relaxed, nourished + much brighter.


Learn more below + we look forward to sharing oasis online with you!​ catch us in the chat box below or at oasis@waterbearplanet.com with questions or for assistance.

Enjoy a taste of oasis online here!

What's the difference b/w public classes + memberships?

  • We offer public classes 1x/wk. They are generally offered on a fixed schedule, rotating every month. Sleep Club is on the 1st Wed. @ 9 pm (ET), Trail Walk is on the 2nd Fri. @ 12 pm (ET), Sound Bath is on the 3rd Thurs. @ 3 pm (ET), and Silent Meditation is on the 4th Mon. @ 8 am (ET). Public classes are a great way to try out our surprisingly immersive nature sound experiences. You can buy 1 class at a time, or purchase our 12-class pack (good for 4 months) to explore how taking high quality personal time for yourself every week improves your wellbeing.
  • Deciding to bask in our soothing nature vibes on an ongoing basis is both very supportive and an epic choice for your life. As a member you'll dive deeper into the nuance of your personal wellbeing and self-care practices, while realizing new potentials for yourself in terms of your depth of relaxation, improved personal space, and greater connection with nature. Every week, get into your own rhythm with this while holding yourself accountable through our live (10x/week) and asynchronous classes (available 24/7 in our member library). You'll count on the consistency of coming to class regularly (like an exercise class) to reap the biggest rewards. Imagine what might be possible! Learn about memberships here.

What have others experienced?

Participants report being more inspired, focused, present — with most experiencing a 1 to 3 point improvement in mood, and feeling 2 to 4 points more calm, relaxed and peaceful. They describe class as:

  • "Rejuvenating!"
  • “A sense of relief.”
  • "It felt like 5 hrs of nature time, in 20 minutes. So good!"
  • "It was so relaxing."
  • "I had the best night's sleep!"
  • "Quiet and peaceful."
  • "A very moving experience."
  • "It was nice to not have to do anything, without any sense of guilt."
  • "Transporting!"
Try it for yourself - enjoy a taste of oasis online!

What is Waterbear Planet?

Waterbear Planet is a creative studio specializing in the design and delivery of experiences and environments to promote wellbeing, self-care and connection with nature. We make it easier to pursue a more rested, relaxed + happy life.

Is oasis online kid-friendly?

Yes! We love kids so much. Kids are very connected to the natural world and listening to our live mixed nature sounds is a great way to help them build their unique relationship with it, while learning the important self-care skills (in their own way) that will serve them later in life. All unlimited, family plan members are welcome to bring your kids (through age 17) to your member classes with you, as our guests. oasis online is a fantastic way to create more calm before bedtime or enhance quality, quiet time during the day.

What is the class flow?

  1. 15 minutes before class — Doors open to the zoom.us conference room. Due to the immersive nature of the class, you won't be able to join after the start time. Arrive no later than 5 minutes before class starts. Savor this moment!
  2. Class start time — Doors to the zoom room are locked. Class begins with a brief orientation, time to connect as a group + quiet, opening reflections via a quick, anonymous questionnaire.
  3. Sound immersion — We'll do a technical sound check followed by a live, mixed nature sound immersion (25 - 30 minutes) as you retreat into your respective worlds to soak up the supportive vibes and relax in any way you choose. There will be no direct instruction from us although we'll be available in the chat room if needed.
  4. Last 5 minutes of immersion — We'll slowly transition out of the immersion, quietly reflecting on our experience and next steps through a questionnaire.
  5. Final 15 minutes — A 15 minute class discussion follows for those who are interested during our public, sound bath class and all longer member classes.
  6. Next 3 days — Let your next 3 days be infused with the supportive, soothing vibes + lessons you received during class.

Why try oasis online ℠ now?

  • Stress is normal. In excess, it can weigh us down, building up in ways we don't realize. oasis online makes melting stress easier in a very short timeframe. Pause and take a moment to imagine how it would feel to release your stress. Breathe this in. Imagine if you could chip away at it within minutes.
  • When we release stress, we free up mental, emotional + creative space. Your potential for feeling better, accessing more peace, calm and clarity with greater capacity to enjoy life, is available to you within each and every class.
  • We're part of nature, and it's one of the best healing balms out there. Sometimes getting out into a more natural setting, like going on a hike, is just not available to us, say if we're living in a city, quarantined at home, or very short on time. But that doesn't mean it's any less important to access. Listening to nature sounds can be very soothing, and our oasis online immersive nature classes are extremely effective at delivering this to you in a nuanced, yet dynamic way.
  • Sometimes we need the structure of a class to force us to take time for ourselves, to encourage us to prioritize our self-care when the world around us seems full of endless demands.
  • You know the best way to take care of you. Each class can be experienced differently, depending on the day, your mood, what you need to get done. Regardless, we'll help you to carve out the quality personal time which will nourish you the most. You could dust off your sketchbook, meditate, stretch your body, simply enjoy a quiet moment to yourself amid the chaos. It's really up to you! We support you.

Do you offer team or private bookings?

Yes we do! Learn more about how we help companies + teams here. If you're looking to book something for a private group, please email oasis@waterbearplanet.com and include the number of participants, requested event date, and a short description about your group and your objectives for the private class.

How do I approach these classes?

  • Do not disturb — Set your device to do-not-disturb, use headphones, if preferred. Scope out a spot where you won't be interrupted, and, most importantly, where you'll be able to relax.
  • This time belongs to you — Rest, relax and recharge, while listening to live, DJ'ed nature sounds and enjoying super nourishing waterbear planet vibes.
  • You choose what you do — Draw, journal, meditate, nap. Let your mind wander. Follow your inspiration. Your experience will be unique to you. There are no prerequisites like knowing how to meditate or being good at relaxing.
  • Feel better + revitalized in moments — We've designed this experience to assist you in feeling better both during and after your immersion. Let oasis online carry you forward into new adventures, while anchoring you more firmly to today's.