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oasis online ℠ offers the experience of a quick getaway within daily life: time and space to curb burnout, release stress, reconnect with nature.

We offer public classes, member classes, and team/group bookings. Treat yourself to Waterbear Planet's delightful immersion of live, DJ’ed nature soundscapes + signature good vibes. Delivered by zoom.us high quality audio conferencing to your home, office or beyond, this juicy mix will draw you inwards, extracting you from your daily grind.

It's totally up to you how you use your time.

Rest. Meditate. Journal. Draw. Do yoga. Explore a creative project. Whatever you choose, there's a good chance you'll emerge feeling more relaxed, nourished + much brighter.


Learn more below + we look forward to sharing oasis online with you!​ catch us in the chat box below or at oasis@waterbearplanet.com with questions or for assistance.

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About oasis online.

Normalize self-care, wellbeing and rest during the work week. Don't delay workday recovery.

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