Enjoy oasis online ℠ as a group or team to re-energize quickly. Take high quality time together to decompress, reset, and generate inspiration during these virtual nature getaways and mini-retreats.

Build rest into your work week.

Soothe stress. Tame burnout.


  • Each group session is online, facilitated, sonic, immersive — connecting you with nature, yourself and each other to promote deeper peace of mind, calm and relaxation. Quiet self-reflections + conversation support anchoring this into everyday life and workflows, while bookending your learning experience. 


  • For privacy, flexibility and individual comfort, field trips are audio-only via Zoom with some visual imagery, unless otherwise discussed. We work with deaf and hard of hearing community members with advanced planning.

Public Sessions

$25 pp for groups up to 50 participants

Revitalize in minutes by joining our public classes. The full class schedule is posted here for the next 5-6 months.

All participants must register individually. They can book directly online and make their own payment (or use an access code when someone has already paid for them). To pay for your group's tickets and arrange your public field trip, including any add ons, please email us at

Private Sessions

$1,250 (up to 25 participants)

$2,500 (up to 50 participants)

Schedule up to 1 hr and 15 minutes when it's most convenient for you. Private sessions offer guided facilitation and conversation that is meaningful to your specific group or team. Customize the soundscape (e.g. ocean, forest, river), as well as the format (sound bath, silent meditation, trail walk or sleep club).


Enjoy a webpage dedicated to your field trip, where your guests sign up for the session and can learn more (e.g. team objectives, what to expect). All participants must register individually using your group's booking code.

Explore your options with us.

Add Ons

Email us or schedule a discovery call to learn more and make your purchase:

1/ Try out membership.

Keep up the good work! Continue carving out quality time for your group to relax regularly and take care of their personal needs. We offer 2 ways to pilot our annual membership program: a 30 day, 6-class starker kit and an unlimited, 21-day family-inclusive plan. We can help you choose which option works best for you.

2/ Enjoy a private team debriefing.

Once the main body of your session is over, we'll break out into a facilitated debriefing to further integrate your field trip in whatever ways are best suited to your group. We will go over this during our planning call for your field trip. Offered in 30 minute increments, great for public field trips.

3/ Subscribe + save on monthly field trips.

Reserve your preferred session slots and save 10% when booking monthly. Minimum of 1 field trip/month for 6 months; and at least 15 participants on public field trips — which offers great value for teams.

4/ Drive your culture of wellbeing.

For subscribers, complement your regular field trips by drawing upon our network of skilled trainers and workplace experts. We help coordinate the sessions and ensure the learning experiences are integrated.

Custom workshops can focus on anything from improving creativity, to team cohesion and bonding, self-care and movement practices, to leadership training for managers. Bring in fresh perspective and support to help build momentum around employee and team wellbeing while moving away from excess stress, burnout and turnover.


Enjoy this playful, team-based approach that will help drive your company's wellbeing culture in ways that are as dynamic as they are fun.

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