As a member, you'll make relaxation your baseline state.

oasis online ℠ is built to integrate into your daily life, gently building your capacity to relax more and more, by avoiding the build up of everyday stress, while encouraging you to explore the self-care activities best suited to you.


By attending class regularly (you can choose from 11 live, facilitated classes per week plus our on demand library of asynchronous classes and immersions), you can go deeper into your meditations, let heavier feelings give way to brighter ones. Stress will stick less and less.


Enjoy greater creativity, purpose and success at home and in the workplace.

The benefits ripple outward,

be energized in your pursuits:


  • Go deeper into your meditative practice with more ease

  • Give yourself permission to take care of yourself in new ways

  • Decompress regularly so stress doesn't sit in your system

  • Build high quality personal break-time into daily life

  • Experience more calm & focus during your workday

  • Be more effective at task planning & execution

  • Explore what the flow state means to you specifically

  • Create a more robust sense of personal space

  • Step away from fight or flight responses

  • Enjoy your relationships more

  • Nurture your relationship with nature

  • And so much more!