Revitalize your inner world.

Normalize calm, quiet and rest for you.

oasis online ℠ is built to help you slow down during daily life, while gently growing your capacity to relax more deeply and take time for small, self-care activities that most nourish you. Imagine heavier feelings giving rise to brighter ones and everyday stress sticking less and less. oasis online offers space for you to unlock creativity, purpose, joy and love at home and work.

As a member, receive support to...

  • Feel more present in day-to-day life.

  • Sleep more easily during the night.

  • Give yourself permission to take breaks.

  • Experience more peace and focus during your workday.

  • Be more effective at task planning and implementation.

  • Ease into your paid time off and then gently transition back to work.

  • Fortify your personal space and strengthen your boundaries.

  • Better downshift "fight, flight or freeze" responses when stressed.

  • Savor your relationships while being discerning about your limits.

  • Allow your meditation practice to deepen.

  • Make relaxation your baseline state and recover from exhaustion.

  • Receive the benefits of connecting with nature, even virtually.

  • Shape these sessions to meet your unique goals and objectives!


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