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The oasis online ℠ membership program offers a unique blend of immersive experience, community facilitation and attention to you.

Step 1. Choose your plan.

Each member plan is an annual offer, structured to give you the consistency and commitment to prioritize your wellbeing long-term.

We highly recommend attending our public classes & scheduling a discovery call to ensure this is the right program for you.

Choose what works best for you to reduce stress, experience more peace of mind & be your best self:


Take a breather, step into your flow, enjoy how easy it is to let stress rest while reconnecting with nature from home. Allow your system to unwind and reset.

  • 1 member class/week (choose from up to 7 classes/week)

  • make scheduling requests

  • 2 public classes/month

  • 1 guest pass/month

  • Supplement with exclusive member add ons to enhance your experience, such as the member library & community.


Make deeper peace, relaxation, and calm your daily baseline by coming to class as often as you like as you hone your approach to your overall wellbeing.

  • Unlimited member classes (enjoy up to 7 classes/week)

  • make scheduling requests

  • 1 public class/week

  • 2 guest passes/month

  • 2 hrs of 1:1 coaching/yr

  • Enjoy on-demand recordings & exclusive experiences through the member library & community.

Pricing is based on payment in full.

We offer couples packages by request.


On a team of at least 15 people?

Learn how we help companies.

Membership add ons include​:



Exclusive Library

  • Rotating library of exclusive audio tracks.

  • Micro-breaks (less than 10 minutes) for recharging in between classes.

  • Make special requests for recordings to be included in the rotating library.

  • Exclusive reading content written for the community.

Member Community

  • Facilitated community of members. Connect, make new friends, and go to class together!

  • Energizing co-working opportunities to help you focus & get things done.

  • Weekly office hours & mini-retreats every other month!

Pricing upon request


1:1 Coaching

  • Book 1:1 coaching sessions with our team for more in-depth, personalized guidance & support.

Private Classes & Workshops

  • Members can book private oasis online classes as virtual getaways with friends and loved ones, which is otherwise reserved for companies & teams only.

  • Enjoy basking in the deep calm and peace that Waterbear Planet experiences can offer.

  • You choose the nature destination, alongside any topics of conversation that feel most resonant for you and your group to explore.

Member Library &


Private Coaching,

Classes & Workshops

Step 2.

Activate your membership.

Step 3.

Start your program!

  • Pay your membership activation fee above, and our team will follow up with you by email so we can complete the member agreement & payment, and get you situated with all your membership goodies.​​

  • Allow 3 to 5 business days to complete your enrollment.


  • We'll schedule a 20 minute onboarding call to learn how we can best support you during your oasis online ℠ journey.


  • We'll make sure you're all set to go and look forward to you joining class!



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