Revitalize within minutes,

without going anywhere.

oasis online ℠ is an immersive, mindful nature break, cutting edge stress reduction program and virtual wellbeing space open to the public, members and groups/teams in a time-sensitive, class format.

How it works:

Think mindfulness meets live DJ'ed, surround sound nature vibes, quality personal time, quiet self-reflections and facilitated support for daily life.

Take time for you.

Why oasis online?

Build resilience for your inspired life. 


Be transported.

During each class, we live mix a just-for-you nature soundscape to enjoy, and so stress starts to melt by itself. 


Recharge your batteries. Meditate, stretch, practice yoga, journal, draw, walk, rest, plan, create. It's up to you!


Be revitalized.

In minutes, class participants report feeling more positive, calm, peaceful, focused, present & inspired.


It's been stressful, but this doesn't mean we give up our hopes and dreams!

Instead, we take really good care of ourselves by being more intentional about how we do that and by carving out moments of high quality time to decompress and reset.

We simply can't be "on" all the time without impacting our work performance, personal relationships, our joie de vivre. When stress builds it can take over our nervous systems, forcing us into fight or flight mode, diminishing our ability to function effectively. We can feel exhausted, strung out, unhappy [add your colorful description here].

It does help to be aware of when we've tipped over the edge, and to decompress quickly. Even better, just like brushing our teeth (but more fun), it's good to be proactive by building in time regularly to simply be, enjoy a breather, clear our minds — particularly as we move through turbulent times.





We are of the Earth and the stars.


If you've ever felt a deep physical sense of peace, calm & stillness while immersed in nature, you know this.

Since you're reading this, we are also betting that your own experiences in nature are ones you love and have been integral to recharging your batteries and feeling fully yourself. Research also shows our relationship with nature is protective and associated with improvements in our overall wellbeing. It's one of our human superpowers!


But if you're like us (super busy & living in a city) it can be hard to get that reset we crave. The good news? Research into exposure to natural elements show that even virtual experiences can assist us, and that simply listening to nature sounds for a few minutes can start shifting your physical body to a more relaxed state. Learn all about it!


Fortunately, you don't need to lament the lack of nature in your daily life to bask in it. This is why we bring richly hued, dynamic, nature sounds to your door, transporting you to the ocean, forest, river and beyond.



Prioritize your wellbeing and improve daily self-care by coming to class.

We make it easier for you and your teammates to release stress during each and every class by connecting you to nature, focusing on personal self-care, all while enjoying quality personal time together. We'll slow down, take a step back from everything and feel better. Read more here about how you can experience class.

Also, this is why we open and close every class immersion with guided, quiet self-reflections, to help you consider how you're feeling, plus what you need now, and in the coming days, to best take care of you. You get to be even more curious about who you are, what makes your heart sing.







A relaxed mindset unlocks inspired ways of thinking, feeling, doing. The power is in our hands to create joy together, while building our resilience to stress... and a happier world.

We'll be the first to admit that this takes time, practice and commitment. But by taking incremental, iterative steps during each and every class, we'll strengthen our capacity to enjoy deeper relaxation, peace and calm during life's ups and downs. Waterbear Planet's job is to take the edge off, and make this easier to create (see FAQ's). 

As we make relaxation our baseline state, we'll discover how new levels of playfulness, creativity, flow state can converge to assist as us in navigating our lives and our purposes, while growing in our professional lives and contributing to our collective successes at home, work and within our communities.

In sum, we get to transform our daily life experiences by feeling better, less agitated, more inspired, more present. Imagine carving out time and space to appreciate your life as the work of art (and love!) that it truly is, and to enjoy shaping it every step of the way.

Whether you're sailing solo with us or part of a larger team, oasis online as a long-term program will help anchor all of this for you, with joy as our compass, wellbeing at the helm.