Nature is our muse + might be an interesting one for you too.

The nature connection is an important one at Waterbear Planet. Yes, 21st century humans are glorious, gorgeous creatures, even when we're messy, fumbling and often not all that nice.

By staying close to nature, and letting it nourish us, this helps us contextualize everything — to make room not only for mistakes but also to allow space for positive, constructive change. This is our birthright.

You see, nature is dynamic, always transforming itself. Geologically speaking, the Earth we know and love today with 7 separate continents, once existed as 1 GIANT landmass and 1 GIANT ocean. The mountain range that we call the Rockies is the newest one of several that have come and gone. Manhattan island is the bedrock of what was once an alpine range.

Just like the Earth, we also change — over the span of our lifetimes. This is our potential, and perhaps our purpose. It is helpful to see ourselves as not separate from the Earth or even the stars that we belong and are worthy of belonging.

It's a connection that is absolutely essential to our wellbeing mentally, emotionally and physically. Waterbear Planet is named for a reason, after water bears or tardigrades. From our view, they're here to remind us of our human legacy, our potential, and our resilience.

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