Places close to our hearts can hold us tight during stressful times.

Do you have a place you love and miss? Today we're feeling a bit nostalgic for the landscape of the Sonoran desert, and all of these beautiful saguaro...

One of our goals at Waterbear Planet is to transport people (right here and now from your living room couch, for example) to places that hold deep personal meaning, which help you to expand your immediate experience into deeper relaxation and peace of mind, all while resetting your day to inspire you anew.

All of our nature immersions are audio-based so you can teleport with your full being to a place in your own imagination, without us telling you how. Because you already carry everything you need within you to go there on your own.

Such is the power of who you all are individually. It is our role to make this super easy to enjoy.


Team Waterbear Planet

Photo by Dulcey Lima on Unsplash.

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