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Why we DJ nature sounds just for you.

All our work, whether an online mindful nature immersion or a physical installation, occur at the intersection of the physical senses, the human imagination and one's personal wisdom around their own self-care, stress management and life purpose.


Why do we work with sound?

Our oasis online ℠ classes focus on the sense of sound, because it happens to be the best way we can deliver an immersive nature experience via the internet.

There's a growing body of scientific research showing the effectiveness of nature sounds in helping people to experience a reduction in stress, without having to do anything but listen. Most of us can relate to this, or simply know from personal experience that being in nature just helps us to feel more calm, peaceful and at ease. The scientific literature supports this as well, in case you are looking for validation.

But why live mix nature sounds in our oasis online classes? Why not just pre-record something, hit play and kick back? Keep on reading, and we'll tell you why.


When you listen, you'll notice that nature doesn't sit still.

It is dynamic, creating itself in every moment.

When you visit a natural environment, you'll hear different things. It's definitely not a looping track.

Sometimes what you hear is unfamiliar. Maybe you didn't know that the sound you're hearing is actually the tree creaking in the summer heat. If you're curious, you'll hear animals moving through the landscape; and the way the trees sway in the breeze. Sounds you've long forgotten, reintroduce themselves. When was the last time you heard a babbling brook, living deep within the forest? Or the way that the wind calls you from the canyon's northern rim, from miles and miles away.

Take a moment and see what memories and feelings this evokes for you. Where does it take you?


And because nature sounds are dynamic + creative, so are ours.

Surprisingly, nature sounds, when mixed properly, have the ability to transport us to places we might long to be (say the ocean, for a landlocked midwesterner) or your childhood home. During our oasis online classes, we are able to compose an immersive real-time, dynamic sonic experience just for you. Learn more about why we mix sounds in our first podcast episode with Workr Beeing here.

Book your next live, surround sound nature immersion. Let us transport you.

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