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If fireflies ever mesmerized you, you are already a meditation pro. We promise.

Pause. Reflect. Be.

Before diving into this article, take a moment to just settle into these three words. Let them ripple through your mental, emotional & physical experience... just like how a soft breeze moves across water. Take a moment for this now or later.

When you're ready, keep reading below.


The beauty of taking a moment to hit pause, to reflect, is that you create space and permission to be. Let's explore how.

It can be fun, believe it or not, to be curious about how we are feeling and why. Because it holds the key to shifting our entire perspective on our lived experience. When we ruminate on something (it's totally normal) our thoughts can keep us stuck in a looping track of thought-feeling-thought-thought-feeling... and can unfortunately make us very unhappy!

So, when you cultivate your relationship with nature (a superpower we all have!) it's easier to "pause". Whether that's through our classes or on your daily walk in the park, nature helps us to receive the nourishment of the moment, to let everything go. This is healthy and a productive use of our time!

Once you gain more perspective, it's incredibly helpful to "reflect". What does this mean exactly? Well, it means we're taking the time to love ourselves, by listening, understanding & accepting, "Hey, this is where I'm at right now". We get to be curious without going overboard. It's a really good life skill (it's a mindful practice too). Then, this is where we can just "be", where self-reflection meets self-compassion, self-love, the essence of being present with ourselves. Then we're more free to focus on the fun things!

That's why at the beginning and end of every oasis online immersion, during our quiet self-reflections, we ask everyone (anonymously) how they are feeling. There's no right or wrong answer or way to be or feel. What matters is just simply saying hey, I feel X, Y, and Z. You get to be your very own best friend, and really ask yourself how you actually are feeling (without the rhetorical, "Good!") and what would most support you right now. What a relief, right?

Wonder, awe, "not knowing"... let fireflies remind you how.

We bet you were wondering when the fireflies were going to make their appearance here. Well good for you for reading this far! Wonder, awe, "not knowing" is yet another way to approach ALL the above, because your mind can fully relax and you start seeing things playfully, imaginatively, and gently.

Yes, you guessed it, this is exactly like watching fireflies. Can we invite you to try this on for size, right here, right now? We dare you to resist this dino's wondering, awe-filled eyes (and the fireflies).

Can you feel the softening of the muscles around your eyes, the way your posture tilts back as if in a big, reclining chair, the way your breath deepens a bit more, the way your chest expands with warmth...

Close your eyes and let your imagination take over.

Stay as long as you like.


Great work! You just reminded yourself why taking moments for wondering, awe seeking, letting your analytical brain rest, is so important to self-care, no matter what's happening in life.

Join us every week and together we'll decompress, revitalize in minutes & strengthen our wonder muscles.

You are already a meditation pro, simply by being a part of nature. See our class schedule here.

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