You are part of nature. Glow bright.

Picture of a dewy rose.

Each of you are so radiant and bright, in your very own way. We see you and appreciate you so much!

When you see something beautiful, that catches your breath, that moves your spirit, your heart and your love, it is as much a statement of who you are as it is that which you perceive. Biologically speaking, everything is linked and connected. Your senses and emotions interact with your world. It starts with you.

However, many of us were raised in environments, societies and cultures that taught us to be hard on ourselves and each other. This can be a lifelong challenge for many of us. It can be absolutely heartbreaking and debilitating. Although this is bigger than all of us, we will change it.

When we utilize the power of gentleness — with fierce determination and love and humor — we simultaneously activate this for ourselves and each other. And then, with less effort than we ever imagined possible, we lift ourselves up. This is is the power of you, as part of a broader web of life, to love more, feel more, belong more — letting our harder edges transform into something new.

Our online mindful nature immersions serve as a resource to make living easier, lighter and brighter, in times of great transformation and creativity. We aim to help bring more beauty to the world, starting from the inside out. That's why we make time and space for you to unwind, revitalize and connect with nature. For more information and a list of upcoming wellbeing experiences, click here.


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Join us at the frontier of immersive meditation and nature-based stress relief.

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