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Let us transport you. Enjoy our signature, oasis online ℠ sound bath.

live, online nature relaxation class

Thursday, September 17 @ 3 PM Eastern (ET)

Life can be stressful,

especially now.

We're Waterbear Planet. 

We can help.

Our job is to help you:

  • Take a break from stress.

  • Decompress quickly + effortlessly.

  • Regain perspective. 

  • Feel more revitalized.

  • Make relaxation your new baseline.

What is this class?

oasis online ℠ is a cutting edge online relaxation class. It's mindfulness meets live, mixed just for you, surround sound nature vibes + quality personal time. It's also a way to gather with other people + support our wellbeing remotely!

Read our important update for these challenging times (and big feelings).

How it works: 

  • Book it + show up from anywhere.

  • All you need is solid internet + an hour.

  • Feel more calm, peaceful + at ease in minutes. Feel more connected.

  • Get a taste for how our regular member classes flow.

Some testimonials:

   "It was transporting." - S.N., New York

   "I had the best night sleep." - M.C., Boston

   "I felt calm for days." - M.M., London

   "My mind is much clearer." - C.O., Brooklyn

   "Total bliss." - P.R., Cangas de Onís


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