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Workplace Wellbeing is Teamwork:

Team Retreats & Experiences

Retreat Overview

Teams face stress and burnout for a variety of reasons, including difficult leadership, layoffs and life events. However, there are steps we can take to address this together while amplifying connection, creativity and work performance. 


Research shows that nature promotes work recovery. Taking breaks is essential. Self-reflection helps mindfulness, while purpose boosts engagement. Leaders drive team wellbeing, and, yes, burnout is environmental.


In this team retreat and learning experience, train your leaders and team members about the importance of prioritizing self-care, taking breaks and supporting each other during the workweek. Participants will revitalize during an oasis online ℠ nature experience, followed by in-depth conversation and reflections focused on improving your approach to workplace wellbeing.


Offered to both individual teams and cohorts of employees, smaller teams and startups.

Learning Objectives


1. Team members identify their self-care priorities, including personal and professional needs.

2. Promote resource sharing among team members to help meet some of these needs.

3. Identify action steps to improve team wellbeing over the next month.


This retreat is a starting point within the Waterbear Planet workplace wellbeing journey for teams and leaders. Program fee includes up to 2 hours of consulting in order to fine-tune this experience to your team members, tailor it to your priorities, and discover where additional support may be needed.

Pricing / Details


Pricing available upon request

Up to 2 hours of training, plus 2 hours of consulting

Add-on options include:

  • Custom Retreat Gift Boxes

  • Member Discovery Passes for oasis online

  • Burnout Prevention Training with Workr Beeing

  • Consulting and Executive Coaching Sessions

  • Integrate our Favorite Facilitators

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