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Our namesake.

Water Bear. Tardigrade. Moss Piglet.

Masters of life on earth for over 500 million years, surviving 5 mass extinctions, water bears are ubiquitous, microscopic animals who can tolerate the harshest of conditions while thriving in the most (un)common places. They define resilience during extreme, world changing times.

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Go ahead and give yourself a giant water bear hug. with 4 sets of arms, there are plenty to go around.

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We build spaces to rest... and be supported.

In 2014, Sharon Unis founded Waterbear Planet as a creative studio to promote wellbeing, self-care and connection with nature. She offers 20+ years in wellness as a facilitator, an experience designer and a curator of playful, nourishing environments.


She offers expertise and perspective in how physical and psychological spaces influence our behaviors and how we feel — highlighting what is possible when we transform those environments (and ourselves). Sharon has partnered extensively with individuals and organizations, sharing opportunities with people of all ages to take a step back from their daily lives and experience themselves anew. 


Waterbear Planet also leverages decades of work in consulting, training and hands-on learning, as augmented by our network of workplace and wellbeing experts. We take an iterative approach to meeting each client’s needs and priorities — whether they are individuals, families, teams or organizations. Carving out space for our clients to take care of themselves across the spectrum of work-family-home, we follow their lead, listening to what is most essential to them in the moment and over time. 


We are known for our bright, calm and soothing energy, clear insights, breadth of knowledge and sense of humor. Because cultivating a growth mindset is key to meaningful change and transformation, Waterbear Planet serves as a guide for our clients, championing their progress and lending a hand as needed — alongside the other resources they currently engage with and are curious about for further support.

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