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Drive team thriving.

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Drive teamthriving.

Drive team thriving.

We offer research-based approaches to lowering stress, solving burnout and driving engagement.

Nature Promotes Work Recovery

Taking Breaks

is Essential

Self-Reflection Builds Awareness

Purpose Boosts Engagement

Leaders Drive Team Wellbeing

Burnout is Environmental


oasis online ℠  transforms teams.

When people feel good and look after each other, they work better together and unlock the creative potential of their organization and individual careers.


Because sustainable behavior change and progress happen with focus and consistency over time, oasis online provides pull-through support to implement the action steps which drive team thriving. 


To fine-tune the right action steps for clients, we design custom consulting, coaching and training initiatives with our core workplace wellbeing partners. Together, we also teach the essential self-care and leadership skills to transform each client's workplace culture.

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Retreats unleash fresh perspective.

Taking time to rest, reset and recharge as a team or an organization is an aspect of making workplace wellbeing non-negotiable.

Retreats can be kickoff events for a client's oasis online program, or offered as a quarterly wellbeing series to enhance a team's engagement with oasis online.

They also can be oriented towards in-depth learning and growth in other domains. In consultation with us and our training partners, clients deliver fun, nourishing and cohesive experiences to their employees.


Leaders solve burnout.

Although we support individuals in being more attuned to their daily personal needs and looking out for each other, addressing burnout starts with strong, aware and informed leadership.

This is because it is the work environment which drives burnout. Our program, "From Burnout to Thriving", trains executives and managers about solving the root causes of burnout in their organization and putting themselves on a proactive vs. reactive path to team thriving. We equip our clients to recognize stress and burnout in their organizations and be better able to solve it.


Offered with Dr. Katina Sawyer and Dr. Patricia Grabarek of Workr Beeing, this cohort-based program combines science-based content and consultations with experiential learning and pull-through support for implementation.

Designers Working Together
Volunteers Cleaning Park


Purpose drives thriving when done right.


Research has shown that volunteering offers meaningful, lasting benefits for employee wellbeingGiven this, mission-driven ventures can use their super power of purpose to reverse and avoid burnout.


By fine-tuning how their organizations operate, our clients can leverage their existing strengths to reclaim and improve employee happiness, retention, referral scores and overall business and mission success.


Every organization has different needs.

We customize client programs and initiatives by integrating comprehensive support from our network of experts and resources, including:

  • Organizational and clinical psychologists

  • People Ops consultants

  • Leadership and executive coaches

  • Movement and applied improv trainers

  • Digital platforms and services

Schedule an initial consultation to learn more.

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