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Workplace Wellbeing

Take charge of employee and team happiness.

Take care of your team members.

Train your leaders.

Take care of the planet.

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Ongoing Stress Management Support.

We offer annual oasis online ℠ programs for teams and cohorts of employees, small businesses and startup founders to reduce stress and avoid burnout with consistency.


By providing structure for both individual and team-focused support, we can help you build a work culture steeped in the prioritization of practical, everyday self-care activities alongside making time for personal nourishment and work recovery.

Includes small group coaching sessions to help program experiences integrate into your capacity building, as well as exclusive unlimited class access for team members and their families.

Team Retreats and L&D Experiences.

Take time to rest, reset and recharge as a team, or as a group of friends, colleagues and clients. ​Enjoy our private, oasis online team retreats to help your crew feel clearer and calmer, while experiencing more ease, focus and creativity at work and home. 

Request a custom retreat, fully tailored to your needs. It can be a kickoff event for your team program, or offered quarterly as a shared team touchpoint and decompression. Build your retreat with in-depth learning and supportive, uplifting experiences in mind.


Manager Training for Leaders.

Mitigate and prevent burnout in your organization. Burnout is caused by work environments, and although we can support your team members in being more attentive to their daily personal needs, burnout prevention needs to start with your leaders. 


Our course "From Burnout to Thriving" is for leaders and managers to address burnout at its roots and to help your company be proactive and strategic about employee wellbeing. This unique manager training program is offered in partnership with Dr. Katina Sawyer and Dr. Patricia Grabarek of Workr Beeing, combining science-based content and consultations with experiential, hands-on learning and coaching.

Designers Working Together


Experiences that Fuel Purpose,

Drive Engagement and Boost Wellbeing.


Amplify your efforts to take better care of people and planet by driving deeper stakeholder engagement with your initiatives and programs. We'll help you to create more innovative and compelling experiences to further impact, wellbeing and hope in tangible, actionable ways.

We also work on retainer to customize these programs for your organization and to coordinate additional resources to support your goals.

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