Revitalize in minutes.

Let's melt stress together.  Take time to slow down, connect with nature, sink into calm... within daily life. Allow these virtual mini-retreats to nourish you and help you reflect on ways to care for yourself during class... and build consistency beyond.  Learn more.

Step 1 —
Let us transport you.

During each class, we mix a surround sound naturescape to transport and delight you. Stress begins to melt. 

Step 2 —
Take time for you.

It's time to recharge your batteries. Meditate, move your body, journal, draw, walk, nap, plan, create. It's up to you!

Step 3 —
Be rejuvenated.

By the end of class, feel brighter, more calm, peaceful, focused, present. Your experience will unique to you.

Enjoy oasis online!

oasis online ℠ is an immersive, mindful nature break and a sanctuary for wellbeing.


It's also a cutting edge stress reduction program, offered publicly and for our members and team clients in time-sensitive, instructor-led live classes.