Welcome to Waterbear Planet.

Melt stress and tame burnout.
Nourish yourself, your team and our planet.

Mountains Meet Lake

Release stress regularly.

oasis online     is a cutting edge, online mindful nature experience and stress reduction program for individuals, families and teams.


Live, DJ'ed nature soundscapes meet quality personal time to help you melt stress consistently, as part of your self-care routine, year round.

Learn how oasis online works.


Fortify team thriving with research-based ways to melt stress, drive engagement and tame burnout.

Nature Promotes Work Recovery

Taking Breaks

is Essential

Self-Reflection Helps Mindfulness

Purpose Boosts Engagement

Leaders Drive Team Wellbeing

Burnout is Environmental

Academic/Non-Profit • Agency/Brand • Venture/Accelerator

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Our Approach

We're on a mission to help you melt stress, tame burnout and improve workplace wellbeing... while taking care of our planet.


We've developed innovative ways to teach leaders and their teams about work recovery, releasing stress and feeling calmer, and prioritizing personal self-care needs, especially during the workweek. 


Our Team


Founder and CEO, Sharon Unis, brings two decades in wellness facilitation and experience design, while drawing on her training in the environmental sciences, business and the arts. Her work in transformational, self-led play spaces at high profile venues like MoMA, Governors Island and Central Park informs her approach here as well.

We've also gathered a wonderful network of workplace experts and practitioners to extend and support our work with small and large organizations alike. Together, we're able to help employees and teams strengthen their work while taking better care of themselves too.

Our Key Partners

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