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It's okay to take breaks.

Welcome to Waterbear Planet.

It's time to melt stress...
and tame burnout.

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About us —

Sharon Unis founded Waterbear Planet to help solve chronic stress and burnout in daily life. Sharon leverages her expertise in wellness facilitation, program design and immersive, experiential learning environments. 


Through Waterbear Planet, she provides clients time and space to nourish their energies, reflect on their needs and implement personalized action steps for everyday self-careWith companies, Sharon helps leaders and teams improve work-life integration, decrease employee burnout and boost engagement, performance and retention.


Because solving stress and burnout can require multiple perspectives, Sharon draws upon her extensive network of organizational and wellbeing experts to enrich the possibilities available to our clients.

We help our clients to 

  • Mitigate burnout as an organization

  • Unlock creativity and innovation as a team

  • Build breaks and rest into the work week

  • Refine self-awareness and connectedness

  • Nourish and protect personal energies

  • Enjoy deeper peace, calm and joy

Our offerings include training programs, retreats, high-level consultations, and pull-through services so transformation can continue over time.


Learn more by booking a complementary consultation below.

Why we love water bears!

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